About Flail Master

We are currently closed due to CoVid.

 We look forward to Re-Opening Soon!

Flail-Master ® has been serving the mowing industry for more than 50 years, with most of what we sell being produced right here in our factory in the heart of Tennessee, USA.

Flail-Master offers replacement flail mower blades and parts as well as various other types of mower blades and parts.

We also offer a wide variety of replacement blades to fit most riding and walk-behind commercial mowing equipment used by landscapers and lawn care professionals. Many blades are available in a GATOR MULCHER ® style in addition to the OEM style.

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About D&M

D&M Distributing is a leading supplier of Whole Goods and Parts for Mowing & Snow Removal equipment.

We’ve been in this business for over 40 years and our highest priority has always been superior service and the highest customer satisfaction.  We maintain a large parts inventory, but it’s the product knowledge and industry experience that truly sets D&M apart.  These are the reasons that the list of satisfied D&M customers grows each year.

While our business focuses on mowing and snow removal equipment, we understand that our customers are also required to maintain and repair other types of machines – tractors, sweepers, chippers, and on and on.  We often extend our service offerings into these areas.  Let us track down that hard to find part.  You likely have better use of your time!

As our motto says, “One Call Gets It All”.

We know your equipment.  We have the experience to understand what you need to fix your equipment.

Just call us.  We’ll help you with a smile!